Saturday, August 27, 2011

An Ode to Humanity

                I would like to dedicate this to Mother Teresa on the occasion of her birth anniversary.


My friends, you have the liberty to call me naïve
As I attempt to write an ode to humanity.
Humanity has fallen from its throne,
It’s been mercilessly strangulated by countless gory deeds.

It now wallows in the mud,
Crawls with the lowest animal;
Shrieking for mercy and praying for love.
It lies helplessly, watching with its glassy eyes;
Humans marching back
Toward the forgotten Darwinian age
That preached "Survival of the fittest!"

 “To be or not to be”
Is the burning question asked to us by humanity.
 If humans can feel,
Then why are they so cold?
If humans can listen
Then why don't they do as they're told?
If humans can speak,
Then why is there silence all around?

If humans can wait,
Then why is there impatience in their deeds?
If humans can really include,
Then why is there loneliness all around?
If humans can love,
Then why is there vicious hatred all around?

My dear friends
You can’t create heaven in hell!
This is all we got,
This planet is our heaven or hell.
It’s high time
That we get back to our basics.
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Yes, we can retrace our steps;
As the clock is still ticking,
Reminding us that it’s still not too late
To continue with our noble responsibility
Of building a secular world
That believes in global religion of humanity!

My dear friends, let’s join our hands;
To create a new, beautiful world;
That believes in hard core humanity
And preaches the modern mantra
Of having a world
That is “One for all and all for one!”

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