Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Small Pack of Wishes....

Yeah…I’ve a small pack of wishes,
I’d like to share with one and all.
My wishes may look puny
But, they are enough
To make the flashes of my life
Worth watching!

I wish to have my share of rainbows
To always follow the clouds,
A few silver linings
Which reassure that every
Night is followed by a beautiful morn.

I wish for laughter to kiss my lips,
Even at times when my chips are down,
And when sadness intrudes,
I wish for innumerable smiles
To brighten up my days
And say
Yeah, we’re there for you.

I wish for beauty
That sooths the tired eyes
Warms the broken hearts
Lifts the spirits that sag,
Hugs the drooping shoulders;
And takes away the pain
From the lives
It touches.

I wish for undaunting faith,
To believe in myself;
To have courage to know,
And patience to accept the truth,
That life is much beyond
To what my eyes can meet.

And last but the not the least
I wish for the cup of love
To be always overflowing in my life
Along with the sparkles of everlasting friendships,
To see me through the sunset of my life!

1 comment:

  1. If I could have only one wish, this is what I would choose.