Thursday, August 25, 2011

The soul is pure, the heart innocent; but it’s the brain which is the culprit!

The soul always speaks the truth. It is unperturbed by the harsh realities of life as it knows that it is just one of the stops in its journey. The soul began its journey long back maybe when the universe came into existence. Since then it has changed its skin innumerable times but has retained its essence all the way. It is still as pure as it was so the wise always say listen to your conscience as it is the voice of your soul. The heart is the bodily manifestation of the soul and that is why it is innocent. People who listen to their heart are known to be very noble human beings. They are reservoirs of love and seldom do anything to hurt others. The purity of the soul is extended to the heart, and therefore we are asked to think by our heart when we are at threshold of taking some harsh decisions. Now, the question arises that when we are blessed with a pure soul and an innocent heart then why most of us go the wrong way. The culprit here is the brain. Though, it is the power house of intelligence it is so wrapped up in materialistic gains that it falls prey to worldly sins. The human karmas are the outcome of the notorious activities of the brain.
Again, the question is when the soul is pure and the heart is innocent then why do human beings suffer the follies of the brain in the form of karmas. The brain changes with each birth just as the skin so why is the soul punished for deeds of the mortal brain. Why are the karmas carried forward in each birth when the soul is always chaste? The journey of the soul is just like the journey of a river which is very pure at the point of its origin but during its course it gets dirty. It has to cross all sorts of terrains. It is the situation and environment which make the river impure. The river is not given a choice to retain is purity. It becomes helpless and so is the case with the soul. It suffers at the hands of various births it is subjected to. Then why do the consequences of the last birth get carried on to the next birth when the soul has always retained its purity. When there are no similarities between the two births nor does the new body remember anything of the past then why should it be subjected to the laws of karmas? In our mortal world if a criminal commits a crime he gets a chance to defend himself. He is not punished till he is proven guilty. Then how can the God be so unreasonable in making humans accountable for deeds of their last birth when they do not even know what they did during their last birth? How can a person be punished without being told what his sin or mistake was? If one does not know the mistake of previous birth then how can one prevent oneself from committing the same during this birth?
These are some of the questions which confuse me and I look for some of these answers during this particular journey of my soul.

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