Friday, August 26, 2011

Travel at Leisure to make your Life a Pleasure!!!

                      The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

The life of a modern man is no longer filled with hours of leisure where one could spend some time enjoying the beautiful landscapes, the cool breeze, or the red aura of the radiant rising sun. From morning to late at night people today are running to maintain their schedule. Life is no longer a sweet song of daffodils or a chirpy voice of a cuckoo bird which were so explicitly described by the great poet William Wordsworth. The life today has become hard metal rock with loud harsh noises which cause more strain and pain to the ears than having a pleasing effect. God created a beautiful planet called earth so that his creations could be enjoyed and appreciated by the mortal beings. Therefore, it is not only for us but also as a gesture to thank the almighty for his beautiful creation that we should travel to different places to see how diverse god’s creation can be.

It is sad to see people locking themselves up in their houses even during the weekends. They spend their entire time watching television, playing on their play stations, or just sleeping. Life is short; so wake up folks and enjoy your surroundings. Start taking short trips to places nearby and you will be amazed to find that soon you will be enjoying your small traveling sprees. Not before long you will find yourself getting addicted to traveling. Traveling does not necessarily mean that you have to travel to some exotic locations every time. It could be just a small excursion to the outskirts of your place of stay. One intriguing aspect of our planet is that almost all places are blessed with some topographical and geographical feature which makes it unique and different from the other. Every place can boast of being special in its own way.

You should always travel to make yourself happier. Sometimes, people travel half-heartedly just to please their families or for professional reasons. This is wrong. Active participation of your mind, body, and soul is very important if you want to reap the benefits of traveling. Traveling is a very good method of unwinding oneself from the stress caused by the hectic lifestyle. It gives the much needed break from the mundane routine which not only takes a toll on your health but also makes you feel grumpy most of the time. Always travel when you have at least a couple of days in hand. A week would be ideal for spending a vacation out alone or with family or friends. During this time you should just relax, enjoy, and appreciate the gifts given to us by god.

The Himalayas of Asia, the Alps of Scandinavia, the Great Sahara desert of Africa, the lush green meadows and valleys of Europe, the blue oceans of the Indian Ocean, the beckoning beauty of Switzerland were all created for the human beings to enjoy. The creator of this planet made it beautiful for us mortals to see and enjoy. Therefore, leisurely travel should be incorporated in our lives so that we can at least see some of these wonderful creations during our lifetimes.

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