Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Veiled Prodigy

The silk veil caressed her creamy face;
That was laced with two lovely eyes,
She was slender, she was frail;
Her red robe hugged her gentle frame
And, she looked vulnerable to the common eyes
But, she was more than the eyes could meet,
She knew the world and its ways,
She smiled behind the veil when people called her naïve,
Yes, she knew
Her veil was her strength,
It was her oyster and she was its pearl.

The world beckoned her, her heart tempted her;
But the universe stopped her
As she was its veiled prodigy!
Yes, she is none other than the hidden pain
Under the wraps of our silken hearts,
The smile of the broken hearts
Shields her from the cruel world
That is ever ready to pounce on her
To tear open her veil to reveal a bleeding heart.
Oh! World have mercy, leave her alone;
She is strong, she will fight;
Do not break her with your stinging blows,
She is brave for her armor is her smile,
Cruel world do not touch her
As she is the veiled prodigy;
The proud prodigal warrior

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