Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yes, I've Learnt to Say NO

When the going is rough,
The situations are tough,
And reason says enough,

I say, NO
I’ll never give up!

When I see a child without a school bag
All wrapped up in a rag
And growing up with a tag
That education is meant for a privileged few
I say, NO
This can’t be true
The child has a right
Just as you and me
To have the best in life!

When I see a woman
Being deprived of her rights
Beaten black and blue
By the ridiculous norms
I say, NO
I’ll never be one of them
As I prefer having my share of fights
But will never give up in fright!

When I see people
Running after materialistic gains
Forgetting to enjoy life
While bartering their gains for pains
I say, NO
To this mad marathon
As life to me is too true
And beautiful
To be spent in counting pennies earned!

Yes, I’ve learnt to say NO
The harder way
But then
It’s one of the best things
I’ve learnt so far!

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