Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Fairyland.....

This is a story of a little girl
With a granny who sang her a song
Of fairies in white gowns
Flying down to take her
To the magical world
Of shining wands.
She fluttered open her tiny wings
To dance and sing
With her fairy queens.

Time passed;
The little girl,
Now a young woman,
All set to create her own fairy land.
She donned her white gown,
To walk down the aisle of life,
Only to be greeted by elves,
With a crooked hat and a crooked smile.

She ran back to her granny
Now very old;
Looked at her,
With a pair of weak, shimmering eyes.
The young woman wept and cried
And said, “Granny I lost my fairies
And the fairyland,
Please tell me the way back to my lost paradise”

Granny gave a wide toothless grin
Before she replied,
“Dear, the fairies left the world,
As the men’s hearts turned cruel.
It’s your turn to recreate the lost paradise.
Spread out your wings
And let the fairy in you fly
To create a land of wonder
Where dreams, visions, and hope
Sound the thunder.
And the day you welcome the showers of bliss,
I’m sure
Your fairies would be back
To bless your fairyland.”