Friday, September 9, 2011

The Thoughtful U-Turn....of my thoughts.....................

 I am again at a loss of words,
Looking blankly at my notebook,
Thinking hard
For the thoughts that made me talk!

As I close my eyes to think,
I see an image flashing,
A fleet of thoughts racing
Away, away, and away
From me!

I am exasperated;
I close my eyes harder,
And run faster,
To catch up with my fleeing thoughts.
Alas! My friends,
I still find them
Moving away, away, and away,
From me!

Once again,
I close my eyes.
This time, I talk to my thoughts
And say,
“Oh! My thoughts
Please don’t run away from me.
Come back to me,
As you’re the only one,
I’ve now left with me!

The thoughts replied,
“Girl, we’re not forsaking you
But we need our space too.
We are on a vacation
On a short spree of rejuvenation,
We made you talk a lot
And now,
For a change we will talk
And you’ll be in our thoughts.

The thoughts continued,
‘Close your eyes not tightly but lightly,
Move away, away, and away
From us
Hear us as we talk
And remember all along
That you are now our thought.

Let your soul hear us
Let your mental eyes see us
As we make merry rejuvenating
In the cosmic ocean
Rise from the physical plane
And join us.

I was scared and confused
But then
I could hear my thoughts again,
“Come on join us,
It’s time you trust us,
Abandon your fears,
And float in the cosmic ocean,
As this is the ultimate bliss.

The thoughts continued,
“Our job is to guide you
To wait on you
To escort you to the next level of your journey!
And now,
Dear, it’s your turn
To move away, away, and away
From us!
As from now on
We will talk and you will be our thought!


  1. Those willing to give up everything they have learned thus far, are those who find a whole new place to call home. Those willing to let go of their ideologies, adopt a whole tight process. Those living by faith, learn just how perfect this world can possibly be...

  2. thats awaresome friendyou will never get short of words keep it up and God bless you.

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