Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Unknown Voice......

The wind was playing with my hair
As I was staggering down the muddy lane,
Carelessly kicking the pebbles,
And watching the mud rise,
Suddenly, I heard a small voice asking me,
“Do you know me?
Have we met before?”

I stopped;
The pebbles rolled to one corner;
The rising mud fleeted down,
To caress the lonely lane again.
The wind still played with my hair,
And the small voice spoke again,
“Do we know each other?”

I was speechless as I looked around,
I could not see anyone far or near,
My breath was as silent as me,
The wind still played with my hair,
And lo!
The small voice could be heard again.
It slowly whispered,
Hey, answer me!

I muttered, “Dear I don’t know you,
Nor can I see you,
But I can only hear you,
May I know who are you?”
There was stillness all around
The wind still played with my hair
And the small voice could be heard again!

This time, the voice chuckled
I was dismayed.
It said, “I’ve known you all along
But you never tried to know me.”
I said,
“Dear that’s an unlikely proposition
As I’ve always cared for people I’ve known!”

The voice replied,
“You’re right sweetheart.
You’ve cared for people
You’ve cared for voices.
You’ve cared for everyone
But you’ve never cared for me!”

I replied,
“Ah! Common that can’t be true;
You say,
I’ve cared for everyone but you!”
The voice, was stern this time
And said, “Yes you heard it right
You cared for all but me!”

The voice continued,
“I was your all,
I was your dream
I was your being,
I was you and you were me,
Yes, I was your LIFE
You never cared for me!”

The wind still played with my hair,
As I continued walking down the muddy lane.
I kicked the pebbles harder;
Smiled at the rising mud,
And shouted loud and clear,
“Life, watch out for me!
Now it’s going to be
Just you and me!”


  1. Self renewal and rekindling the self leads to being who we were meant to be. This captures the very essence of we are to be...ourselves.

  2. thats awaresome friend keep it up, hope you are ok.

  3. You discovered it so soon , you are an enlightened person. Now keep partnering with this realization.See the relevation as it unfolds.