Friday, September 23, 2011

What would you choose? Being always right to make yourself happy or be wrong at times for the sake of someone else's happiness....

I’m sure most of us have found ourselves in situations which have put us into dilemma. Everyone wants to be right all the time and yet never be hurtful. This at times is not possible because being right involves a certain percentage of heartbreaks as well. We have come across people in our professional or personal lives who love to be ruthlessly right. For such people, it is only their point of view that matters. They refuse to acknowledge that others might be right as well. For them always being right is the key to their happiness. Any other proposition leaves them disoriented and unhappy.

We keep meeting men or women in our day-to-day lives who seem to be nice people. They have the most amazing personality, envious career graphs, and oodles of sophistication in them. But, if you have a closer look at their lives you would find that their personal and professional relationships are going haywire. Their employees or organizations always find some bone of contention. The crux of the problem is that these ‘nice ladies or gentlemen’ just cannot accept anyone else being right. If things go their way they are the most charming people but if you fail to adhere to their ‘sense of righteousness’ then you’re sure inviting trouble.

Now, let’s ask ourselves some questions.
Is it possible for us to allow someone else to be right sometimes even though it may make us unhappy?

Would we still prefer being right even though it’s costing us our relationships?

Do we always try to prove that the other person is wrong?

Are we able to appreciate people who do the jobs not according to our ways and yet be happy?

Do we always scream “This is our way, and we cannot even think of the other way?”

If answers to the above mentioned questions are “YES” then we definitely need help because we are inviting problems for life.  Life is not only about life and death, being successful or unsuccessful, or maintaining bank balances but it is also about how beautifully we maintain and grow in our relationships. If things don’t go our way we should learn to take them with a pinch of salt. Sometimes, handling disagreements also give us the same amount of pleasure if not more than always being ‘right’. Aggression and assertiveness are excellent attributes when used in moderation. Have you ever thought of having several vitamins at a time to make your body function perfectly instantly? No, that would spell disaster for your body. Similarly, an overdose of being always right can ruin relationships beyond repair.

We should all learn to sit back, chill, and enjoy being wrong at times. The happiness of seeing others doing their ‘bit of right’ can be as intoxicating if we just learn to get involved in their happiness.

The ball is in our court now. Do we want to remain happy alone or share our happiness with people who make our lives beautiful? Sometimes, being wrong for the right reasons keeps us happier than being right for all wrong reasons. Give it a thought my friends…

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