Saturday, November 26, 2011

9th December............

9th December..........

9th December....
Yes, it was the date
Chosen for me to be separated from Divinity,
To steadily grow, see, and believe
In the law, religion, and materiality.

I grew unhappy with all that surrounded me
Perplexed and depressed by the hypocrisies present
In varied forms of relationships and spirituality.
My physical body was exposed to pain, fear, and tears.
The endless toil to make a mark in this world
Resulted in remorseful tears.

I realized I was just existing but not living
With a fractured soul
And a tarnished heart
I looked up to the creator
And pleaded,
“I seek release, please help me restore”

Soon, I was filled with light
That pierced the darkness of my soul
It filled my body, heart, and mind
With highest reflections of  
The forgotten Divinity.

Now, I know
This 9th December
I will be free, blessed soul

As I can feel
The divine light, love, and inspiration
Cascading toward me.
To help me seek the lost soul
That lies embedded within me.

Yes, this December
My dream, to be simply free
Is going to be a reality
Because the healer and restorer of my soul
Promised me so!
From then on
I will not be simply existing
But living a soulful life
Enriched and blessed
By my creator’s beneficent grace!