Friday, November 25, 2011

Life Is A Butterfly.......


             This is dedicated to one of my friends who reminded me it was time to shed my cocoon.

Reminders do come from the Universe
And this time it is through a dear friend
Who stays miles across
But always comes as a sweet messenger
To remind that there is more to this world
That our bare eyes can meet.

Life appeared as the caterpillar
That was ready to believe that it was the end of the world
But then little did it know
That its creator had another plans
It was destined to be the butterfly
All set to shed its cocoon
And step into the beautiful garden of life.

After spending days in serious introspection
I have come to realize that
Life is all about caterpillars and butterflies,
When you think that life is the ugliest
There springs a moment which makes it look the prettiest.

Happiness fleets and so does a butterfly
The more you chase them both
Farther are they from your grasp
So, just stop this mad chase
And relax
For you will be surprised
That when you least expected it
The butterfly with its wings of happiness
May alight upon you!


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